The freight industry is a complex one and each forwarder operates differently. So it’s always best to make sure that the forwarder who works with you is the right fit for your business.

Before deciding your shipping partner, clear your doubts about their services.

Here are 10 important questions to ask your freight forwarder which helps your business.

1. How quickly can I get a quote?
2. How extensive is your network?
3. Are you licensed and bonded?
4. Can I track my cargo?
5. Can you help me with customs clearance?
6. Do I have to pack my own cargo?
7. Are there any costs at the destination to consider?
8. What’s included in your rates?
9. Are there any specific requirements at the destination?
10. What are the additional charges in my shipment?

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11. If I need to ship by a certain date or need cargo to arrive by a certain date, what are my best options?

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